Sorbet and Sherbet

19 Sep

What is the difference?

Until today, I thought they were the same thing, and so did everyone I asked. I’m going to make this post as short as possible by cutting straight to the chase and not rambling on like I usually tend to do:

“The main difference is that sorbet is a fruit-based dessert and sherbet is more dairy-based … People who prefer sorbet are those people who want the fruit-based dessert. Sorbet uses fruit juice as its main liquid base. It doesn’t have any sort of dairy in it … However, since sorbet doesn’t have dairy products in it, it also doesn’t have the texture of ice cream that people may be looking for. Those people who prefer sorbet because of the taste tend to like fruitier, tarter flavors and a texture that is more icy than creamy. In contrast, those people who really want ice cream but who are opting for something else because they want to cut back on the “bad for you” foods will probably be people who lean towards sherbet. Sherbet has a milk base (and it may also contain eggs) which gives it the creamy consistency of ice cream. People who like less intense fruit flavors may prefer fruity sherbet to fruit sorbet. And those who like the texture of their ice cream will definitely want to go with a sherbet.”

So there you have it, the absolute difference that has kept people wondering for years.

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One response to “Sorbet and Sherbet

  1. Heather

    December 10, 2011 at 1:05 AM

    Thank you. I find that very interesting!


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