Upcoming and so-forth…

05 Nov

Let me start off this post with an apology, sincere or not: I haven’t posted in months, due to actually quite a few things: family (God bless them), school, and me burrowing my nose in nothing but cookbooks. But, hey, I now have something to blog more about!
Very few people follow this blog. If I wasn’t using a mobile device at the moment, I could check the exact number. But since I can’t, I’ll estimate… zero. Never fear. I’ll have that turned around in no time. In less than a year, Caitlin’s Health (a name I know think sounds ridiculous, but I’m sticking with) will have plenty of subscribers! Stay tuned for a muffin recipe tomorrow 🙂

PS: The Vegan Challenge is over. I’m glad I tried something new, and I’ve developed a new respect for those who choose vegan or vegetarian diets, but I myself can not live without eggs… milk… yogurt… MEAT. So, be prepared to see plenty of non-vegan recipes appearing, but to those who are, feel free to substitute!

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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in Information


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